I have rarely seen baseball players windmilling bats in the hole. That's what the on deck circle is for. This was bound to happen sooner or later and Braun is an idiot for doing it. » 4/27/14 12:50pm 4/27/14 12:50pm

That doesn't prove they didn't think they were in the right or could have won if they ended up in court. It just means they wanted the bad publicity to go away and $47,000 probably seemed like a bargain to them after this hit the news. Any company with deep enough pockets would do the same thing (most probably even… » 1/09/14 3:07am 1/09/14 3:07am

I used to have that problem, too, when I had it set to auto-sync but I switched to manual syncs (drag and drop) to get around it and it works fine now. » 12/21/13 9:35am 12/21/13 9:35am